place double parked cars amsterdam

double parked

May 18, 2017

i was here first. no, i was. going dutch.

: figure out how much space each car gets : spot the moon spain

spot the moon

August 18, 2016

do you spot the moon? that’s the moon alright. definitely a spot.

: moonspotting made easy : places old man in street llauri


August 10, 2016

what happens when you walk in your sleep? digestion. you win first place.

: find out how to avoid sleepwalking : animals two cats on sidewalk

it’s time for a conversation

August 10, 2016

dinner is inside. the house. me.

: find out what will end the conversation : people teenagers girls

sweet sixteen

August 10, 2016

how many legs do you see? i see six. they are sweet teens.

: click here to be sweet sixteen : people woman sitting on sidewalk wall aveiro

which way is right

September 29, 2015

which way do you like to wait? with my right shoe off. front facing left at the light.

: don’t forget to wear your waiting clothes : people waiting at bus stop porto

wait till you weigh one ounce

September 24, 2015

excuse me, do you have the time? one ounce. moonlighting time.

: what happens when you don’t wait :