sushi delivery

sushi delivery

March 23, 2018

could not afford the sashimi. trees die and fish do, too. anything to keep the plastic tray company.

: this lady is ready to take your order safely :

plastic fantastic

February 18, 2018

studies show you eat less when eating from a red plate. well, less is more. coca cola special.

: more plastic to slow your feed : cocktail hangover

cocktail hangover

April 8, 2017

this cocktail has had it. he’s drained. why do i need three straws.

: cut your teeth on cocktails : salad and meatballs denia

the salad and meatballs meal

October 30, 2016

the salad was just heavenly. i mean, it wasn’t very psychedelic. meatballs, yes.

: have you had a salad today? : supermarket fruit and fish

go fish

September 17, 2016

why change your mind? it was a fruitful fishing trip. swimming in a sea of berries.

: the fish’s revenge : table paella at the beach spain

so good paella

August 28, 2016

this is the best paella. i highly recommend this paella. such foodporn.

: second best paella : valencia steak lunch

a meaty reward

August 20, 2016

is eating meat rewarding? yes, if shopping success rates are high. yes, if it is served with vegetables and you are a vegetarian and you eat only the vegetables.

: check out this next generation vegetable barfer (with cleaning brush) : table lunch spain

many olive oils

July 16, 2016

was i eating alone? i had two meals. this wasn’t my table.

: mexican flexican : table chinese tapas spain

chinese tapas

June 22, 2016

is tapas delicious when it’s chinese? that’s correct. depends.

: you’ll need six of these : table preparing a salad

killing dinner

December 3, 2015

who would you kill for dinner? not dinner. my tomato doesn’t have a name. table party gent

it was a good party

February 14, 2015

what is your favourite drinking pastime? watching television remotely. tea.

: eight pages of remote controls : leftover rice malaysia street

too much rice

November 29, 2014

there’s too much rice in asia. maybe he went to get more rice. you just never know when it comes to rice.

: here are some ricepes :