animals window sill cat silves

windowsilves cat

January 14, 2018

silves sullen windowsill cat. silly soulless sillsitter.

: sad he’s not living large : animals camouflage cats granada

camouflage cats

January 6, 2017

hello cats. you are hard to see. not you, though.

: more cat camouflage ideas : animals cat sitting at window

hello, yes?

October 20, 2016

can i help you? i let myself in. i am ready.

: if only he could make it to the dark side : animals cat along canal amsterdam

alley cat

September 14, 2016

the cat would like you to mind your own business. there is some great vintage garbage he can repurpose. do not repurpose the cat´s garbage, amsterdammer.

: find your own garbage to repurpose to a hipster vintage state : animals cats hiding under oleander

one two three

August 30, 2016

what’s going on here? lazy oleander lounge. nothing.

: new stealing coin cat money box piggy bank with talking : animals cat in avocado garden

kind of cross eyed

August 11, 2016

cat eyes are so popular. mouse pad. speedometer.

: these glasses where you can see others and the others can see themselves but not you : animals two cats on sidewalk

it’s time for a conversation

August 10, 2016

dinner is inside. the house. me.

: find out what will end the conversation : animals cats guarding dinner

watch it

July 20, 2016

cats who don’t finish their dinner make good pets. no comment. helicopter pet parent.

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fishing for cat food

July 19, 2016

who ate the left food. the right food was too far away. the man on the upper balcony.

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this cat is alive but blind

July 16, 2016

has he lost sight in all eyes already? both.brf one.brf
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work it

July 16, 2016

work what? heartstrings. you’re still in the running.

: fun treats for your furry friends here : animals cat in park sewer madrid

sewer gato

May 13, 2016

born and raised in the sewers of madrid. sure is. madrid’s great.

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surprise it’s not a cat

November 13, 2015

hello. why am i here. i’m not a cat. holiday.

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