front door garden spain

front door garden

October 30, 2016

the most majestic of all gardens. the front door garden. man’s ultimate hobby.

: the magic doorway to the front door garden is here : dead jellyfish beach spain

jelly delhi belly

October 15, 2016

somebody died of food poisoning. so graceful. 2d.

: the jellyfish lives on : people sitting on a bus spain

waiting and moving

October 3, 2016

when was the last time you gazed out the window of the bus to barcelona? that bus, i remember it well. too fast to properly examine the trees.

: five out of five stars for this sticker : places cullera door apollo

enter the apollo

September 10, 2016

the building is not a chicken. trademark infringement. goodbye, for a while.

: download the full album : people elderly at the beach cullera spain

a day at the races

September 9, 2016

racing to what? ray protection. nowhere, really.

: do not get burned by the sun or a loved one : dead animal crayfish in rice field spain

one body segment closer to death

September 4, 2016

struggling to hold on. help him. maybe he’s ok.

: maybe not : table paella at the beach spain

so good paella

August 28, 2016

this is the best paella. i highly recommend this paella. such foodporn.

: second best paella : places chera spain house

what’s your favourite colour

August 28, 2016

what is yours? mine’s brown. mine’s brown, too.

: explore your favourite colour here : people teenagers sitting on curb spain

this is not the festival

August 12, 2016

she can’t take it anymore. the bus is coming. lost attention.

: how to remedy the situation :