resident adviser spider

November 18, 2017

how to hold on to your home. the resident spider advises. spin a web of lies.

: go full incognito no face style :

Pull&Bear Shiny ice cream appliqué T-shirt

November 12, 2017

can’t handle these compliments.

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Boohoo Flare Sleeve Tailored Blazer Dress

November 12, 2017

monday. boohoo.

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Bershka Dobby Mesh Shirt

November 12, 2017

why can’t you do this?

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Stradivarius Leather Look Neck Shirt

November 12, 2017

all tucked out.

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Only Calista Fringe Trim Jumper

November 12, 2017

full stop.

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Vintage Havana Crochet Top

November 12, 2017


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Vintage Havana Ombre Jumper

November 12, 2017

be right there.

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Only Popcorn Textured Cardigan

November 12, 2017

weeeeee. i’m fun.

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JDY Tassel Hem Jumper

November 12, 2017

no contest.

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Cheap Monday Grid Knit Jumper

November 12, 2017

so casual.

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See U Soon Short Sleeve Jumper with Grid Sleeves

November 12, 2017

my first time. doing great.

: try it on : place double parked cars amsterdam

double parked

May 18, 2017

i was here first. no, i was. going dutch.

: figure out how much space each car gets : playground bulldozer amsterdam

playground wars

May 9, 2017

this toy won’t fit under the bed. the midchildhood crisis. battle averted.

: do not ignore this warning : animals dead bird on balcony

the gull’s gift

May 1, 2017

look at this delicious bird. squawk squawk plop. now it’s mine.

: get your revenge in a next life, birdie : cocktail hangover

cocktail hangover

April 8, 2017

this cocktail has had it. he’s drained. why do i need three straws.

: cut your teeth on cocktails : boys waiting in hall

waiting is wonderful

February 27, 2017

pixels. the key to happiness. unless there’s a fire.

: unless it’s a fire : place view bloemenmarkt amsterdam

wireless sheep

February 23, 2017

airplane mode. remember what happened to the cress.

: someone wasn’t in airplane mode : boys eating lunch

one bite

February 19, 2017

one bite. he doesn’t think so. the shoe is next.

: eat a dolphin instead : horses snowy beach bloemendaal


February 12, 2017

i’ve never backridden a horse.

: clap your hands if you like riding horses : animals dead fish in aquarium

bottom of the barrel

February 1, 2017

fighting the plant doesn’t make you a winner. drop kick. it’s over.

: reincarnate the fish : places enchanted forest la places enchanted forest la murta

enchanted forest

January 8, 2017

cup of coffee? wine? grass?

: can i take your order? : animals camouflage cats granada

camouflage cats

January 6, 2017

hello cats. you are hard to see. not you, though.

: more cat camouflage ideas : animals frozen pork

frozen stiff

December 28, 2016

a customer bought too many piglets for christmas. and returned them all. cryopreserved till next year.

: start your own piglet cryo lab now : places spain cullera beach balloon

sad balloon

December 25, 2016

a happy day for the child. the balloon has returned.

: never again will the balloon lose its child : places spanish laundry

winter laundry

December 3, 2016

sun’s back. what a place to catch some rays. taking the undies for some vitamin d.

: now you can dry with subtitles : front door garden spain

front door garden

October 30, 2016

the most majestic of all gardens. the front door garden. man’s ultimate hobby.

: the magic doorway to the front door garden is here : salad and meatballs denia

the salad and meatballs meal

October 30, 2016

the salad was just heavenly. i mean, it wasn’t very psychedelic. meatballs, yes.

: have you had a salad today? : animals cat sitting at window

hello, yes?

October 20, 2016

can i help you? i let myself in. i am ready.

: if only he could make it to the dark side : dead jellyfish beach spain

jelly delhi belly

October 15, 2016

somebody died of food poisoning. so graceful. 2d.

: the jellyfish lives on : people sitting on a bus spain

waiting and moving

October 3, 2016

when was the last time you gazed out the window of the bus to barcelona? that bus, i remember it well. too fast to properly examine the trees.

: five out of five stars for this sticker : places rome pantheon

a hole in the sky

September 24, 2016

projections from another time. invaders from space. bull’s eye.

: find out where is this place and go there too : places amsterdam skinny bridge sunset

sunset and signs

September 20, 2016

2 pretty 2 ignore. bikes allowed. no heavy bikes allowed.

: find out where is this place and go to that pink sunset too : supermarket fruit and fish

go fish

September 17, 2016

why change your mind? it was a fruitful fishing trip. swimming in a sea of berries.

: the fish’s revenge : animals cat along canal amsterdam

alley cat

September 14, 2016

the cat would like you to mind your own business. there is some great vintage garbage he can repurpose. do not repurpose the cat´s garbage, amsterdammer.

: find your own garbage to repurpose to a hipster vintage state : places cullera door apollo

enter the apollo

September 10, 2016

the building is not a chicken. trademark infringement. goodbye, for a while.

: download the full album : people elderly at the beach cullera spain

a day at the races

September 9, 2016

racing to what? ray protection. nowhere, really.

: do not get burned by the sun or a loved one : dead animal crayfish in rice field spain

one body segment closer to death

September 4, 2016

struggling to hold on. help him. maybe he’s ok.

: maybe not : animals cats hiding under oleander

one two three

August 30, 2016

what’s going on here? lazy oleander lounge. nothing.

: new stealing coin cat money box piggy bank with talking : table paella at the beach spain

so good paella

August 28, 2016

this is the best paella. i highly recommend this paella. such foodporn.

: second best paella : places chera spain house

what’s your favourite colour

August 28, 2016

what is yours? mine’s brown. mine’s brown, too.

: explore your favourite colour here : Tailored ribbed dress by Mango

Tailored ribbed dress by Mango

August 21, 2016

it’s £49.99 dresses like these that make you worry, one day this will no longer fit me.



August 21, 2016

a €5.99 sailor themed sweatshirt can’t cheer you up, no matter how many buoys life throws at you.

: try it on : HAREM TROUSERS by Pull&Bear


August 21, 2016

the best trousers in which to pout for just €35.99.

: try it on : CREPE SHORTS by Pull&Bear


August 21, 2016

you can be this sad for €12.99.

: try it on : valencia steak lunch

a meaty reward

August 20, 2016

is eating meat rewarding? yes, if shopping success rates are high. yes, if it is served with vegetables and you are a vegetarian and you eat only the vegetables.

: check out this next generation vegetable barfer (with cleaning brush) : spot the moon spain

spot the moon

August 18, 2016

do you spot the moon? that’s the moon alright. definitely a spot.

: moonspotting made easy : places rice fields favara

fields of paella

August 13, 2016

why does this grow here? the failed valencian vole revolt of 1777. guiness sized pans.

: find out what you can buy with this information : people teenagers sitting on curb spain

this is not the festival

August 12, 2016

she can’t take it anymore. the bus is coming. lost attention.

: how to remedy the situation : T-shirt with a rhinestone logo by Esprit animals cat in avocado garden

kind of cross eyed

August 11, 2016

cat eyes are so popular. mouse pad. speedometer.

: these glasses where you can see others and the others can see themselves but not you : animals dead spider sidewalk


August 11, 2016

how did he die? a baby bandit. the heist of his life.

: this could have prevented his death : places old man in street llauri


August 10, 2016

what happens when you walk in your sleep? digestion. you win first place.

: find out how to avoid sleepwalking : animals two cats on sidewalk

it’s time for a conversation

August 10, 2016

dinner is inside. the house. me.

: find out what will end the conversation : people teenagers girls

sweet sixteen

August 10, 2016

how many legs do you see? i see six. they are sweet teens.

: click here to be sweet sixteen : places alzira hospital

the surgery was successful

August 7, 2016

did it go well? front row seat to the highest bidder. no smoking.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : places cullera beach

untangled for now

August 7, 2016

fly high high high to the sky. whoosh. game over.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : place transavia mediterranean ship

it’s a race

July 30, 2016

the captain is hard to see. so is the pilot. so is the swimmer.

: find out where we are looking and look there, too : animals cats guarding dinner

watch it

July 20, 2016

cats who don’t finish their dinner make good pets. no comment. helicopter pet parent.

: fun treats for your furry friends here : animals cat in backyard

fishing for cat food

July 19, 2016

who ate the left food. the right food was too far away. the man on the upper balcony.

: fun treats for your furry friends here : animals dead dried gecko

camouflage death

July 17, 2016

how long has he been dead? one year. never alive.

: foreign language camouflage : animals blind cat in doorway

this cat is alive but blind

July 16, 2016

has he lost sight in all eyes already? both.brf one.brf
: fun treats for your furry friends here : table lunch spain

many olive oils

July 16, 2016

was i eating alone? i had two meals. this wasn’t my table.

: mexican flexican : animals blind cat on street

work it

July 16, 2016

work what? heartstrings. you’re still in the running.

: fun treats for your furry friends here : Skinny fit jeans with zip at hem by Pull&Bear Cropped denim jumpsuit by Pull&Bear

Cropped denim jumpsuit by Pull&Bear

July 11, 2016

: try it on : Kate high waist Boyfriend jeans by Mango

Kate high waist Boyfriend jeans by Mango

July 11, 2016

: try it on : Sophia High Waist Super Skinny Jeans by Superdry Dr Denim Solitaire High Waist Second Skin Superskinny Jean by Asos Pimkie Chambray Jumpsuit by ASOS

Pimkie Chambray Jumpsuit by ASOS

July 11, 2016

: try it on :

humanlike Jeans high waist Alexa by Mango

Jeans high waist Alexa by Mango

July 11, 2016

: try it on : Emmins Dungarees by Superdry

Emmins Dungarees by Superdry

July 11, 2016

: try it on : Denim Super Wide leg Jeans with Tie Waist in Mid Wash Blue by ASOS Figure-shaping stretch jeans by Esprit

Figure-shaping stretch jeans by Esprit

July 11, 2016

: try it on : Rolla's Sailor High-Waisted Blue Flared Jeans by Urban Outfitters MM6 Three Tone Combo Blue Flared Jeans by Urban Outfitters places benidorm beach

beach invaders

July 2, 2016

no beach visit is complete without: a radio tower. an escape artist.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : table chinese tapas spain

chinese tapas

June 22, 2016

is tapas delicious when it’s chinese? that’s correct. depends.

: you’ll need six of these : animals dead bird on sidewalk

too close to the sun

June 10, 2016

or did it not fly at all? there are no feathery wings. it was too heavy.

: accessorize the bird : animals dead mole in yard

nowhere to run nowhere to burrow

May 19, 2016

what’s your favourite mole? chocolate. cindy’s.

: helpful answers for mole removal : animals cat in park sewer madrid

sewer gato

May 13, 2016

born and raised in the sewers of madrid. sure is. madrid’s great.

: fun treats for your furry friends here : places portugal serra da estrela

wood burns better than rock

March 5, 2016

paper, rock, scissors? dangerous fire. rock.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : table preparing a salad

killing dinner

December 3, 2015

who would you kill for dinner? not dinner. my tomato doesn’t have a name. places amsterdam netherlands storm

have you read the news today

November 22, 2015

is the storm near? the buildings will protect you. category 8.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : animals salamander on pool ledge

surprise it’s not a cat

November 13, 2015

hello. why am i here. i’m not a cat. holiday.

: fun treats for your slithery sidekick here : people woman sitting on sidewalk wall aveiro

which way is right

September 29, 2015

which way do you like to wait? with my right shoe off. front facing left at the light.

: don’t forget to wear your waiting clothes : people waiting at bus stop porto

wait till you weigh one ounce

September 24, 2015

excuse me, do you have the time? one ounce. moonlighting time.

: what happens when you don’t wait : animals dead bird on wall

dead tired

April 28, 2015

do you think the bird chose this wall specifically on which to die? he’s just sleeping. not sure it’s a male or female birdy.

: bestselling gender planner : table party gent

it was a good party

February 14, 2015

what is your favourite drinking pastime? watching television remotely. tea.

: eight pages of remote controls : leftover rice malaysia street

too much rice

November 29, 2014

there’s too much rice in asia. maybe he went to get more rice. you just never know when it comes to rice.

: here are some ricepes : dead snake malaysia

killed by a branch

November 25, 2014

a branch of what? executives. straight branches.

: branches branches branches : places malaysia Taman Negara Pulau Pinang beach rain

two drops is better than none

November 22, 2014

would you rather sail in one boat or two (what if one breaks)? two. one.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : animals horse skull

it’s been a while

November 15, 2014

did his owner wear a cowboy hat? yes. no.

: the first one on the calendar : animals dead fish in canal

definitely dead

November 2, 2014

is this place a fish cemetery, or what? so much algae. fermentation.

: watch yourselves, algae : animals dead bird on boat

splat. that’s sad

October 25, 2014

i’m not sure the boat was supposed to be there. the bird thought the boat was just a reflection in the water. boats don’t fly in the sky but birds don’t know that.

: the splat could have been better : places netherlands wadlopen waddenzee

amphibian herd

September 27, 2014

what’s your flavour? gills. lungs.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : places iceland glacier

man vs nature

June 28, 2014

do you think it’s safe to drive a heavy truck onto a glacier? probably. i guess. probably.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : places hawaii maui beach

do’s and don’ts

February 13, 2011

do you approach the ocean with trepidation? do. don’t.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : places usa california joshua tree national park

ant view of a prickly desert

February 15, 2009

are you a little prickly? yes. i’m not prickly.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : places usa new york fire island beach

turn your world upside-down

September 2, 2008

do you like to flip your life upside-down? on. sey.

: find out where is this place and go there, too :