table paella at the beach spain

so good paella

August 28, 2016

this is the best paella. i highly recommend this paella. such foodporn.

: second best paella : valencia steak lunch

a meaty reward

August 20, 2016

is eating meat rewarding? yes, if shopping success rates are high. yes, if it is served with vegetables and you are a vegetarian and you eat only the vegetables.

: check out this next generation vegetable barfer (with cleaning brush) : table lunch spain

many olive oils

July 16, 2016

was i eating alone? i had two meals. this wasn’t my table.

: mexican flexican : table chinese tapas spain

chinese tapas

June 22, 2016

is tapas delicious when it’s chinese? that’s correct. depends.

: you’ll need six of these : table party gent

it was a good party

February 14, 2015

what is your favourite drinking pastime? watching television remotely. tea.

: eight pages of remote controls :