boys waiting in hall

waiting is wonderful

February 27, 2017

pixels. the key to happiness. unless there’s a fire.

: unless it’s a fire : boys eating lunch

one bite

February 19, 2017

one bite. he doesn’t think so. the shoe is next.

: eat a dolphin instead : people sitting on a bus spain

waiting and moving

October 3, 2016

when was the last time you gazed out the window of the bus to barcelona? that bus, i remember it well. too fast to properly examine the trees.

: five out of five stars for this sticker : places amsterdam skinny bridge sunset

sunset and signs

September 20, 2016

2 pretty 2 ignore. bikes allowed. no heavy bikes allowed.

: find out where is this place and go to that pink sunset too : people elderly at the beach cullera spain

a day at the races

September 9, 2016

racing to what? ray protection. nowhere, really.

: do not get burned by the sun or a loved one : people teenagers sitting on curb spain

this is not the festival

August 12, 2016

she can’t take it anymore. the bus is coming. lost attention.

: how to remedy the situation : places old man in street llauri


August 10, 2016

what happens when you walk in your sleep? digestion. you win first place.

: find out how to avoid sleepwalking : people teenagers girls

sweet sixteen

August 10, 2016

how many legs do you see? i see six. they are sweet teens.

: click here to be sweet sixteen : places portugal serra da estrela

wood burns better than rock

March 5, 2016

paper, rock, scissors? dangerous fire. rock.

: find out where is this place and go there, too : people woman sitting on sidewalk wall aveiro

which way is right

September 29, 2015

which way do you like to wait? with my right shoe off. front facing left at the light.

: don’t forget to wear your waiting clothes : people waiting at bus stop porto

wait till you weigh one ounce

September 24, 2015

excuse me, do you have the time? one ounce. moonlighting time.

: what happens when you don’t wait : places netherlands wadlopen waddenzee

amphibian herd

September 27, 2014

what’s your flavour? gills. lungs.

: find out where is this place and go there, too :