man on balcony amsterdam

urban living is glorious

April 20, 2018

jail-like sunbathing. a good friday.

: a better life for guinea pigs :

green light

November 25, 2017

jealous of the fast. off they go. off we don’t.

: ready to cross the street :

resident adviser spider

November 18, 2017

how to hold on to your home. the resident spider advises. spin a web of lies.

: go full incognito no face style : places chera spain house

what’s your favourite colour

August 28, 2016

what is yours? mine’s brown. mine’s brown, too.

: explore your favourite colour here : people teenagers sitting on curb spain

this is not the festival

August 12, 2016

she can’t take it anymore. the bus is coming. lost attention.

: how to remedy the situation : places old man in street llauri


August 10, 2016

what happens when you walk in your sleep? digestion. you win first place.

: find out how to avoid sleepwalking : places amsterdam netherlands storm

have you read the news today

November 22, 2015

is the storm near? the buildings will protect you. category 8.

: find out where is this place and go there, too :