dead bird schiphol

aviation atrocity

February 9, 2019

number of casualties: one. number of sunburns: one hundred forty three.

: never forget : animals dead bird on beach


January 10, 2018

death is mine. no bird shall die in my shadow.

: death is a reality : animals dead bird on balcony

the gull’s gift

May 1, 2017

look at this delicious bird. squawk squawk plop. now it’s mine.

: get your revenge in a next life, birdie : animals dead bird on sidewalk

too close to the sun

June 10, 2016

or did it not fly at all? there are no feathery wings. it was too heavy.

: accessorize the bird : animals dead bird on wall

dead tired

April 28, 2015

do you think the bird chose this wall specifically on which to die? he’s just sleeping. not sure it’s a male or female birdy.

: bestselling gender planner : animals dead bird on boat

splat. that’s sad

October 25, 2014

i’m not sure the boat was supposed to be there. the bird thought the boat was just a reflection in the water. boats don’t fly in the sky but birds don’t know that.

: the splat could have been better :