women on bench in sunshine

blind not deaf

February 23, 2019

don’t yell at me. the sun is shining. i can hear it.

: get your womens mens sunglasses on : places amsterdam massage heaven

massage heaven

April 7, 2018

amsterdam. book now. hot stone massage heaven.

: hygiene is of utmost importance :

plastic fantastic

February 18, 2018

studies show you eat less when eating from a red plate. well, less is more. coca cola special.

: more plastic to slow your feed :

green light

November 25, 2017

jealous of the fast. off they go. off we don’t.

: ready to cross the street :

resident adviser spider

November 18, 2017

how to hold on to your home. the resident spider advises. spin a web of lies.

: go full incognito no face style : place double parked cars amsterdam

double parked

May 18, 2017

i was here first. no, i was. going dutch.

: figure out how much space each car gets : playground bulldozer amsterdam

playground wars

May 9, 2017

this toy won’t fit under the bed. the midchildhood crisis. battle averted.

: do not ignore this warning : cocktail hangover

cocktail hangover

April 8, 2017

this cocktail has had it. he’s drained. why do i need three straws.

: cut your teeth on cocktails : boys waiting in hall

waiting is wonderful

February 27, 2017

pixels. the key to happiness. unless there’s a fire.

: unless it’s a fire : boys eating lunch

one bite

February 19, 2017

one bite. he doesn’t think so. the shoe is next.

: eat a dolphin instead : animals cat along canal amsterdam

alley cat

September 14, 2016

the cat would like you to mind your own business. there is some great vintage garbage he can repurpose. do not repurpose the cat´s garbage, amsterdammer.

: find your own garbage to repurpose to a hipster vintage state :